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30K Inworld

by on Feb.02, 2007, under Virtual Worlds

Apparently SL has reached a max concurrency over 30k yesterday as Tateru reported on SLI. It was a bit over a month a go that we reached the 20k inworld. This is a amazing growth of 50% max concurrency in one month. I did some math to calculate what will happen if the peak concurrency keeps growing 50% a month. It ends with a frightening 2.5 million in December. I just hope my stats will be proven wrong, or that LL somehow manages to scale for it. :D

  • Month Inworld:
  • Jan 30000
  • Feb 45000
  • Mar 67500
  • Apr 101250
  • May 151875
  • Jun 227812
  • Jul 341718
  • Aug 512578
  • Sep 768867
  • Oct 1153300
  • Nov 1729951
  • Dec 2594926

Jan 28th was my second RezDay, and it is amazing how things has changed and stayed the same. Back in early 2005 when I thought about the future of SL, I only saw the technical improvements that would come. But while big new features came/come much slower then expected, the way how the ‘community’ has changed is greater then I ever thought.

We moved from one forum to a whole plethora of forums and blogs about SL. So much so that you can be busy with SL all day without even being logged in. More and more Europeans and Asians are joining. Suddenly there are lots of fellow Dutchies now, when I joined there where just a hand full. And it looks like the SL is a big hit in France, every other newbie that shows up on my doorstep seems to be French.
Translating devices are created to bridge the language gap that hook into and Babelfish to help with the new reality. And the massive use of them caused google/yahoo to block them because of spam/virus suspicions.

So many new people now that in essence everyone is a stranger and it is impossible to meet them all. Compared to when I joined it was easy to find out who was who, and meet them if you wanted. But it is also great to see that the people who you met toying around in the Sandbox learning to build are now on the payroll of Dev Companies. Whatever the critics are saying, Second Life is Booming.

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First Look into a Mirror

by on Feb.01, 2007, under Virtual Worlds

[Update added to the end]
The new First Look Client has a new feature that the recent blog post didn’t say anything about. That feature is Dynamic Reflection, and that means working Mirrors in SL. I haven’t taken a look myself yet, but Gwyneth Llewelyn has made a video and put it on youtube.

This looks pretty cool if you ask me. Now this does not mean this will be in the normal client any time soon. There have been features in Beta before that never ended up in the client, because they didn’t work(well) for many people. But this is cool non the less.


In response to Gwyneth’s vid, ZATZAi made a longer video showing how the new mirror feature works on different shapes an shiny values. Even Mirror to mirror reflections work.

Not only shiny prims mirror but also ripple water reflects!

Picture by Chandra Page

And i love Chandra’s comment on it:

“It’s like shiny, but it’s shiny on fire, being chased by ninjas and helicopters, and the ninjas are on fire, too.”

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Swift action on Land malaise

by on Jan.30, 2007, under Virtual Worlds

The price of land in SL has been rising and rising, because LL had a huge demand in island sims and couldn’t add sims fast enough to the mainland continents. The last 2 weeks they started to release more mainland sims and those went in auction for over 3000 us dollar. To meet the higher demand Robin Linden annouched today that they are going to open a new continent to the east on the map to meet demand.

Robin: “Over the last several weeks we have been adding land to the mainland at a fairly slow rate (4 new regions per day) while we complete the delivery of islands ordered at the end of 2006. The result is that pricing has been creeping up steadily and is currently about double what we saw per m2 in November. In order to meet the increased demand, our plan is to start to increase the rate at which we put mainland regions online.

Look for a substantial new continent to begin to appear off to the east!”

This is interesting because there are a lot of new users who have only seen the land price rise and might be caught by surprise of sudden Linden action that makes the land prices drop. We might see some new land barons make some huge loses.

Also I hope they make some effort to finish the borders in the southern continent and the old core mainland. There are still some spots left that just abruptly end, if I’m not mistaken.

But Robin said something even more interesting.

Robin: “This increase in land supply should also help to offset the impact of the use of ‘bots as high speed land scanners to skim off the lowest priced, and generally smaller, less desirable parcels. In addition, we’re looking at adding a step to the purchase process which should make it more difficult to use ‘ bots in purchasing land.”

If you haven’t heard of it before. I think as of last week a landbot is active in SL. A completely automated program based on LibSl that scans the land for sale listing faster then a human can and buys any land that is under market value, to put it up for resale again for a bit higher price offcourse. While I don’t see how increase in land supply will really help against landbots, it is interesting to see that LL is already looking in to ways to prevent such bots from operating. It will be a amusing arms race to see.

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Who’s first?

by on Jan.30, 2007, under Virtual Worlds

A thing what is still coming up is the first in SL claim. A while back I talked to a friend here in the Netherlands who had talked with some museum about doing something in SL. One of the first things they said, “Oooo, we can send a press release that we are the first, … ” *sigh*
It annoys me to no end.

Yesterday I was talking with Adam Broitman of A Media and asked if ‘something’(have to be vague here) would be a first. While the exact thing might be a first, there is a lot already that would force the first claim to be pretty narrow, IMHO, and be at risk to be ruffle some feathers.

Eric Rice posted today about first-ism in the blogosphere and made some good points. I pointed Adam towards who blogged a response to it.

Eric ended with:

“If you give me a choice between being first or being best, and I’’ll strive for being best.”

And Adam’s opinion:

“My bottom line; go ahead, be first. Be first at everything you do if that is what your gut tells you, but be calculated. Make sure it is the right move. Don’’t be first for the sake of being first.”

My own opinion is that,I don’t mind if something is first. But you have to be aware where you are the first, because if you enter SL first, it only means you are the first on the track. You can shout and waste energy about it, but the triathlon still has to be run.

It will just give the impression that you care more about being at the start and getting some publicity then actually performing well. You can better use that energy to tell why you are doing it and how it will help you and/or your clients. People will know the difference and greater credit for being a leader in your field will follow in due time. If you actually where the first on the track will not matter in the end if you didn’t use that extra time figuring out why you are here.

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26k laggy souls.

by on Jan.15, 2007, under Virtual Worlds

26142Today we broke the 25k and the 26k barrier of peak concurrency in SL.

And as you can read here, it caused some troubles. I Guess i was overly optimistic last time, when i said high concurrency wasn’t really causing problems. Well, it is not the only thing that is causing it. :P

26k is a 30 procent growth in 16 days, when SL broke the 20k barrier. If any statistic should matter anything then it is this one, and that is a pretty good growth. Seems like we can reach 30k before the end of the month, if only the grid+monkeys can keep up with it.

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Concurrency of 21115

by on Jan.01, 2007, under Virtual Worlds


It is only 3 days ago that we broke 20k and now we are on 21k+.
And to be fair, while we have all been complaining these last few weeks that sl was slow whenever concurrency was high. Lately SL seems to be behaving much better under high user loads. Keep up the good work LL.

Breaking records is allways a good way to start a year. :D

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Happy New Year!

by on Dec.31, 2006, under Virtual Worlds

May 2007 bring us what we deserve.
But not give us everything we wish for.
Because we will need dreams in 2008 as well.
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All about you.

by on Dec.30, 2006, under Virtual Worlds

Nothing really new but i just started to notice a theme.

Pointed out by Eric Rice

I wonder if we are going to see more of this in 2007, it wouldn’t suprise me after this.

So what more can be/will be Ours? Your World. Your Suggestion. ;)

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Orientation 2.0

by on Dec.26, 2006, under Virtual Worlds

New OI 004While browsing over the map, which still terrible broken and can only browse it when zoomed in but that is something for another post. Anyway while looking at the map earlier today I noticed something interresting. The new Orientation Island Jeska briefly mentioned 2 townhalls ago, have gone live. And are being flooded by new Resis.

I logged in a alt that was still on a OI and tp’d to a one of the new islands. While it appeared there was still some final work to do, the island are in my opinion a vast improvement to the previous islands.

The new style island is divide into four small islands/sections(Communicate, Move, Search and Appearance) , and each sections has(or will have) tutorials about the subjects. The small islands have each a very different architecural look, Urban, Futuristic, Tribal and Medieval, which i think gives the resis immediately a much broader idea of what is possible in SL.
New OI 008New OI 010New OI 057New OI 001

Spread around the island are also several machinima made by SL residents, like Robbie Dingo’s guitar making video. While cool i think something a bit more instructual would be better suited.

One thing i noticed though was that people where not really aware why they there and what they where supposed to do. So maybe something that clearly spells that out might be helpfull. Also a clear path of what to do next.

All and all, it looks very promissing and will hopefully prepare people better. While it is clearly not completly finished yet, it already far surpasses the old orientation islands. So check it out or look at my Flickr pics.

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Classifieds icons on the World Map. Do we use them?

by on Dec.06, 2006, under Virtual Worlds

It looks like the cassifieds icons on the world map is one of the two search functions that is still turned off.

“This means the only things left to fix from this batch are:

* Search > Places
* Classifieds icons on the World Map

We look forward to bringing them back ASAP for your continued usage — pardon, no ETA yet, but testing and work continues, so count on regular updates from me.”

After the first few weeks they where added to the map I stopped looking at them because the amounth of them is simply overwhelming and because of that not very usefull. The only use I can think of is to find out if there are classifieds in a certain region(s). But why you would want to know that beyond random curiosity i’m not sure.

The following questions i have are, does someone use them and for what reason? And would you be hurt if they never returned, to remove load from the database?

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