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Dead of the Beacon?

by on Dec.29, 2007, under Virtual Worlds

The red beacon that guides our way in Second Life have been mostly removed in the latest client and the recent release candidate. This makes it hard to find your destination in sims that work with a central telehub. Ordinal Malaprop’s blog post alerted me about this and she sum it up like this.:

  • Teleporting by any mechanism apart from clicking on the World Map to get a red circle and then going there, or by selecting “Show On Map” from a window before using it to teleport, does not provide a red beacon and arrow to the destination any more. This includes landmarks, SLURLs, the use of llMapDestination, secondlife:// links, and the New Search.
  • People who teleport into an area which has a Landing Point set will still arrive at that point.
  • But they will not have a beacon to their destination.
  • Therefore they will not be able to find their destination easily. They would actually have to track it down by comparing the X, Y and Z co-ordinates of the landmark to their current ones, fly around aimlessly in the hope of seeing a sign, ask for directions, or, far more likely, go somewhere else. Experienced and dedicated visitors will likely find a way but even they may simply give up, and the casual browser or visitor will simply pop somewhere else if unable to find the spot that they came to see. (Customers would quite frequently ask how to find my shop with red beacons available.)
  • This means that landmarks and SLURLs and so on are now pretty much useless in any region or parcel that has a landing point set. This is actually more places than one might think. Not only does it encompass many islands such as Caledon, Babbage and so on, it also affects such large parcelled establishments as malls and shopping centres upon the Mainland.
  • The whole thing is therefore a serious matter for anyone who owns property in a region with a landing point and wishes others to find it – or for that matter wishes to be able to find it themselves.

This seems like a simple matter to fix, vote on issue SVC-1125 in the jira to alert LL and get this restored.

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XS4ALLmost all. [update]

by on Apr.24, 2007, under Virtual Worlds

A big group of Dutch Second Life residents haven’t been able to use the grid for the last 2 weeks. Specifically customers of the Dutch ISP XS4ALL.
Menno Ophelia is one of the affected and he told me: “…basically i can login, but within a minute I can’t move my avatar anymore, quickly followed after that ims stop working and then the mini map turns red and I get disconnected. This is going on for over a week now…”

The problem is big enough that a story about it appeared on the Dutch news site, they report that the problem is somewhere in the USA. According to the reports on the Jira, something is wrong in the connection between Sprint and XS4ALL. A more in dept explanation can be found in the comment of Jira. When i write this 111 people voted on the issue, making it the 2nd highest issue on Jira, showing that a large enough number of people see it as a big problem.

So far the problem seems out of the control of Linden Lab to fix. Hopefully they will be able to work with Sprint and find a solution. This reminds of the email problem between Dreamhost and LL, which seemed only to get fixed after a lot of people complained about it to both sides. So speak up if you can’t connect and hopefully it will get you, Menno and my other fellow Dutchies back on the grid. They are being missed.

Update: The problem only occurs on sims that are located in San Francisco, and not on those in Texas. You can use to see where your favorite sims are located. The info might be old or incorrect, ask a buddy to grab a hud and go visit the sims so the info gets updated.

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