Chatlog of Q&A with Erica Linden at Oxbridge

by on Jun.08, 2010, under Virtual Worlds

Erica Linden is a User Experience lead at Linden Lab and this talk was
about Viewer 2.0.

[19:00] Vanessa
: Hi Everybody, we’re going to get started now. Please welcome
Linden Research Software Developer Erica Linden to Oxbridge. She may
be using voice, she’ll instruct you accordingly

[19:00] Martini Discovolante: hello Red.
Erica Linden: Hi gang!
Erica Linden: Just waitinf for my
face to rez

[19:00] Frans
: Looking at your title, are you Dutch?

[19:00] Vanessa Hamer: HI Erica!
Red Quixote: ㋡
[19:00] Red Quixote: hello Martini
LillieJay Mills: Hello Erica
Erica Linden: Does one typically
talk in text or voice here?

[19:01] LillieJay Mills: text
[19:01] Jayleden Miles: Text probably would be
better for the hearing impaired that might be among us.

Eila Eiren: Text please
Vanessa Hamer: oh sorry, there’s a
step on the other side, but you can just click the podium

Erica Linden: Sounds good
Red Quixote: Hello Auto
Erica Linden: `oh my what a great

[19:02] Erica Linden:
I typically have meetings in someone’s 2005 era office

Erica Linden: So to start, I’ll
introduce myself, I’m Erica Linden and I’m one of two User Experience
leads at Linden Lagb

[19:03] Erica
: new keybord sorry for any typeos

[19:03] Kerhop Seattle: an appropriate typo :)
LillieJay Mills chuckles at “Lag”b
Anna Darwinian: Hey LillieJay :-)
Erica Linden: wocka wocka
Erica Linden: heh
[19:04] LillieJay Mills: Hi there Anna :)
Erica Linden: so one of the fun
things about having a Linden last name is that it’s impossible to step
inworld w/out IMs from random strangers asking for advice

Anna Darwinian: Queen Frog?
Pacoima Core: ribbet
Erica Linden: this just happened. ;)
[19:05] Erica Linden:
Some Dutch residents called me that one day, and i was honored

Frans Charming: :)
[19:05] Erica Linden: we’ve had a variety of Frog

[19:05] Erica Linden:
I guess we’re sort of affiliated with Furries.

[19:05] Erica Linden: The Slimys perhaps?
Erica Linden: Right! So, I work
primarily on the SL viewer

[19:06] Pacoima Core: it is becoming :)
[19:06] Kerhop Seattle: (there goes the bears)
Erica Linden: and in the last year
and a half I’ve worked (along with about 20 of my closest friends) on
*dramatic chord* Viewer 2.0

[19:07] Erica Linden: So, all of the things you like in viewer 2
were my idea. And all the things you don’t like were the other guy. ;)

Erica Linden ducks
Tao Mistwalker: :)
Frans Charming: lol
Kellan McKenna: :D
76 Rain: lol
Red Quixote: ^^
[19:07] Savannah Blindside: :)
Anna Darwinian: I wondered about
that :-)

[19:07] Erica Linden:
I have a background in Human compute4r interaction

[19:08] Erica Linden: a masters from the
university of michigan, and a VERY useful undergrad degree in English
an dLinguistics

[19:08] Frans
: haha.

[19:09] Frans
: It helps with the typos? :P

[19:09] Anna Darwinian: I bet it helps with reading
other people’s typos

[19:09] Erica
: My daily life consists of trying to juggle the needs of
extremely smart and advanced residents, with folks who are new to SL
and have computers made of wood.

[19:09] Erica Linden: All within the constraints of a 6 year old

[19:09] Kerhop Seattle:

[19:10] ABBI
: ha

[19:10] Roberto Viking: maybe there should simply be two viewers
Roberto Viking: a
technical one and a simple one

[19:10] Savannah Blindside passes Miss Linden some of
the good chocolate and a bottle of asprin

[19:10] Erica Linden: to display content that I
can barely begin to imagine

[19:10] Erica Linden: the wonderful thing about SL is that it is
entirely user generated

[19:11] Erica
: but as a designer that means i have no idea how long the
names of things will be, how many million items folks will have in their
inventory, what level of complexity an object will have, etc

Erica Linden: so it’s sometimes a
challenge to get it right the first time

[19:12] Erica Linden: we’re about to release our
early 2.1 beta version

[19:12] LillieJay
Mills cheers

[19:12] Quinn
: I guess ‘checkspell’ is too cutting edge to make its way
into a legacy viewer

[19:12] Kerhop
: thank heaven for decimal versions

[19:13] Frans Charming: Great!
[19:13] Kellan McKenna: yay :)
Erica Linden: which will address a
bunch of the things folks have been totally annoyed by

Erica Linden: believe it or not, we
live and die by the popular pjira issues

[19:13] Vanessa Hamer: that’s SO refreshing to

[19:14] Erica Linden:
even though it is absolutely TERRIFIYING to go in there and comment. ;)

Kerhop Seattle: do they affect your
performance reviews?

[19:14] Erica
: and unfortunatly, many of the things folks want are pretty
darn difficult to wrangle

[19:14] Erica
: our performance reviews are quarterly and are affected by a
bunch of things including the quality of work we have produced and the
reviews of our coworkers

[19:15] Anna
: Hovertext penetrating opaque walls is difficult to

[19:15] Erica Linden:
the jira’s we’ve worked on are a big part of it, yes

Erica Linden: heh
[19:15] Erica Linden: maybe a bit
Kerhop Seattle: ok :)
Be Ewing: Erica — it
seems to me that we live and experience daily … why are your reviews
only quarterly?

[19:16] Erica
: and there’s lots of fun stuff that’s just getting quietly
worked on in the background that we can’t announce because it takes
like a full quarter to qa some of it (cough cough mesh)

Frans Charming smiles
Anna Darwinian: :-)
Be Ewing: Erica – but
that’s just it

[19:16] Erica
: i’m hoping these small things that you mention Victorian
will be given more attention in the coming months

[19:16] Be Ewing: we experience 2nd
Life without time dimensions

[19:17] Antique School Desks: Unable to find specified agent to
request permissions.

[19:17] Be Ewing: and expect things to be delivered

[19:17] Asimov
: hehe

[19:17] Erica
: I’m very proud of our viewer team for doing two things in
this latest build – 1) focusing on the top pjira and bugs from the
betatesters (stuff like the sidetray covering the world vs moving it

[19:18] Frans Charming

[19:19] Erica Linden:
and 2) changing our scope quickly based on data and going from some
feature-add stuff to focusing entirely and obsessively on CRASHES AND

[19:19] Erica Linden:
It has been really cool to watch.

[19:19] Erica Linden: and by focus, i mean

[19:19] meghan
: do you have residents test this before release………as
things like not being able to see chat easily and screen being covered
would be picked up much quicker by …

[19:19] Erica Linden: meghen – indeed we do
meghan Flinders: and
they didnt notice?

[19:20] Erica
: there were 500 NDA’d testers on viewer 2

Erica Linden: several of which
worked in our internal jira and filed bugs

[19:20] Kerhop Seattle: Speaking of framerates, any
chance we could get an updated version of ?

Erica Linden: and yep, they
noticed. and we thought “ah, it’ll be ok” and “not really a big deal”
and other such inaccuate things. And got swept up in the 45,000 other
things that needed fixing.

[19:21] Erica
: so, yeah. my bad, and it’s now an option in preferences.
it’s really a personal preference, and i’m glad we let folks choose

[19:22] Frans Charming:
Thank you for admitting that. :)

[19:22] Erica Linden: Frans – I wish I made great decisions all
of the time.

[19:22] Erica
: sigh.

[19:23] Erica
: but so, it’s pretty easy to get thinking the
DIFFICULTproblems are the ones to focus on

[19:23] Frans Charming: That’s ok. It is refreshing
to hear someone say they made a mistake sometimes. :)

Erica Linden: and ignore the tiny
easy to change things

[19:24] Trance Mistwallow: erica. do you think in future that
SL resources will be more evenly distributed between new AND old
residents. i.e. When you are a new account crossing sim borders and
teleports etc are instantaneous whereas once your inventory hits about
10,000 and u wear a few attachments these things take much much longer,
not to mention the tp probs, it seems to me that although front end
customer service and experiance is prioritised that i am always hearing
from older residents that the second life experiance suffers greatly
the more you accumulate over time, will this always be a problem with
SL do you think? or will perhaps a new system be developed maybe a
multiple-object-thread loading system for people with larger inventories
but who are not unfairly overusing sim resources?…

Erica Linden: it’s kind of silly
how many giant mountains we’ve been climbing to clean up stuff in the
background (I personally touched and cleaned up every single panel and
floater in the viewer to make sure there was consistancy and clean
layout) and just kind of write off little things

[19:25] Erica Linden: hmm Trance – that’s several
questions – let me try and pull it apart

[19:25] Erica Linden: so first, yes resources
should be pretty evenly distributed

[19:26] Trance Mistwallow: ok
Erica Linden: and believe it or
not, they were with viewer 2, but the line “new users” kept getting
used as a substitute for “lord there’s no way we have time to do that
too” and considering the desparate need to clean up 1.23 in the
background /code level, it ended up being more of a cleanup than a ZOMG
new features build.

[19:27] Trance Mistwallow: i guess all i am trying to ask in a
nutshell is that will similar resources be expended in keeping the SL
experiance a fluid one with older residents as well as the newcomers?

Trance Mistwallow:
][_ (( )) ][_

[19:27] Trance
: i see

[19:28] Erica
: happily, because of the 2.0 cleanup work (killing embedded
text strings, widgetizing ui stuff, etc etc) it’s way faster now to
iterate UI and fix stuff

[19:28] Trance Mistwallow: 2.0 plus is faster. :)
Be Ewing: Erica — I do
have one question here

[19:29] Erica
: so – re: lots of inventory = lag i’m not the best person
to address that, but i do know that there are some things that are
purely related to the speed and power of yr graphics card (another thing
that varies person to person)

[19:29] Be Ewing: I come to 2nd Life just to enjoy
the experience and meet/learn from others

[19:29] Vanessa Hamer: Be? Please let Erica get to
Victorian’s Q first, so she’s not overwhelmed

[19:30] Be Ewing: I still have older
viewer …. but newer one too

[19:30] Trance Mistwallow: sure i understand that, i
am merely reffering to the universal problems that all residents have
over a cetain age, but i can save these questions for another

[19:30] Trance
: also 10,000 is actually a small amount of inventory for
someone a year or 2 old, mines is 30,000

[19:30] Be Ewing: Don’t you think it
would be good to switch back to older policy where at a certain point
everyone switches to same viewer though others exist elsewhere?

Erica Linden: Re: Disneyland ™ -
I think our old new user experience was really good for folks who like
to figure it out themselves, explore, and twiddle various controls.
However, there’s also a bunch of folks who are potentially awesome
residents and creators who jsut hit our new user experience and

[19:32] Trance
: ][_ (( )) ][_

[19:32] Erica Linden: one of the things i did early in my time
at linden is run a ton of inperson user observations

[19:32] Erica Linden: we brought in random folks
from different demographics who had never used secondlife and
essentially watched them fail

[19:32] Patti Larimore: Are new residents going to
be asked to fill out questionaire..on their interests..and then be
placed in gateways to accomadate…do you know? Or are they already

Erica Linden: and as someone who’s
job it is to make things easier, it was really hard to watch

Trance Mistwallow: i
hear in the future there may be a questionare at account creation so
when they are lopgged on for first time they are placed in best location
for their interests and with relevent info, as everyone has slightly
diff resons to be here, is this true?

[19:33] meghan Flinders:
tbh…….almost everyone starts as free account and to not be able to
ask support questionsfor problems is a turnoff….

[19:33] Erica Linden: so, as in education,
different people learn in different ways

[19:34] Erica Linden: and it’s important to
provide different avenues

[19:34] Quinn Skyther: Optimizing for shopping KA/KT makes SL
look like a bloated 3D Google appliance

[19:34] Erica Linden: many people I watched
learned by communicating with others – asking questions and pestering
folks. ;) Many others read every word in front of them and loved
notecards and tutorials

[19:35] Erica
: and others would rather eat glass than take a tutorial.

Trance Mistwallow: so
true erica

[19:35] Erica Linden:
and our job really, is to provide access to information that is
palatable to all these learning types

[19:35] Erica Linden: and really try to
communicate WHY SL is so compelling.

[19:36] Erica Linden: and honestly (for me) that
was hard to do in 1.23

[19:36] Tao Mistwalker: Oddly, I never had to take a class on the
old viewer, tho. I feel completely lost in the new one.

Erica Linden: because before we
could even get to the “zomg look castles!” part of SL, folks were
bailing because they couldnt figure out how to walk

[19:37] Erica Linden: and um we looked like

[19:37] Trance
: thats because u are so used to the old viewer, even
though i find it hard too, fact is 2.0 plus IS more consistent with
other web software

[19:37] Frans
: Tao, I have given RL classes with the 1.23 viewer.
People are generaly lost quickly.

[19:37] Erica Linden: so the good news is SL tests way better
with new users under viewer 2

[19:37] Antique School Desks: Unable to find specified agent to
request permissions.

[19:37] Erica
: since it’s more consistant, and there are a few more
familiar UI metaphors

[19:38] Erica
: but that in no way solves the problem

[19:38] Trance Mistwallow:

[19:38] Patti
: Perhaps…but 1/2 this room is using 3rd party viewer,
one that seems more user friendly.

[19:38] Erica Linden: and the next step is to
figure out how to hook people up quickly with stuff that is intersting
to them

[19:38] Erica Linden:
patti – re; 3rd party viewers – well i certainly hope folks are using
the viewer that works best for them!

[19:39] Erica Linden: that’s why we are open

[19:39] Ni
: And has jiggly boob physics! :p

[19:39] Kellan McKenna giggles
Erica Linden: also important!
Frans Charming: stand still Erica,
else Ni gets distracted.

[19:39] Patti Larimore: lol
[19:39] Trance Mistwallow: ][_ (( ))

[19:39] Kerhop Seattle:
Has LL collected any gpu statistics for viewer 2 in order to update

Erica Linden: The great thing about
being a frog is you don’t ever have to worry about your hair or makeup

Marion Questi: Good to
hear the 2.0 tests well with new users. Is it helping with retetion and
Premium conversion?

[19:39] Erica
: Kerhop – oh heck yes

[19:40] Vanessa Hamer: Great gown though!
[19:40] Savannah Blindside: I was
about to say; a very well dressed frog!

[19:40] Erica Linden: as a matter of fact, since
we’ve upgraded some our stat collection software, we’ve gotten a much
better idea of the type of processing power new users have

Erica Linden: and literally,
priorities changed overnight

[19:41] Trance Mistwallow: ][_ (( )) ][_
Trance Mistwallow: i
can only speak for myself vis a vis emerald vs 2.0plus, emerald has
comprehensive radar, useful for quickly spotting new residents who might
be a little lost, and of course theres phantom lock, would be lost
without that

[19:41] Kerhop
: I’ll be shopping for a new gpu later this year and it’d be
nice to know which ones perform better similar to the chart on that
web page

[19:41] Patti
: How does the stat collection software
work?…surveys…? or

[19:41] Erica
: sadly, most people coming into welcome island are using
balsa wood and chewing gum computers

[19:41] Be Ewing: All — I definitely am
in the minority … but don’t you think most people just want to sign
on and communicate and use 2nd Life and be transparent to all of these
developer questions?

[19:42] Erica
: patti – again i’m a bit vague on the statistics but it’s
something serverside that figures out aggrigate % of different graphics
cards and ram

[19:42] clank
trader shouts: Ouch!!

[19:42] Erica Linden: as a result our QA folks started collecting
really old computers

[19:42] Erica
: we shipped a bunch to offices all over the country

Erica Linden: and everything is
getting retested for average framerate

[19:42] Kerhop Seattle: no netbooks or iPhones?
Erica Linden: Kerhop – I wish
Kerhop Seattle: :)
[19:43] Frans Charming: That is good to hear.
Kerhop Seattle: cool
Erica Linden: right – so where was

[19:43] Erica Linden: I
know i missed some questions

[19:43] Erica Linden: !!
[19:43] Erica Linden: heh
[19:44] Patti Larimore: Was curious about the entry

[19:44] Erica
: I don’t think that is a problem

[19:44] Erica Linden: oh the viewer 2 survey?
Trance Mistwallow: yes
Patti Larimore: if
there was going to be one. I am education manager for GOHA and ….was

[19:44] Patti
: new residents would be filling out survey

Erica Linden: i wasn’t involved in
making that but it was intended as a way to get info from people in a
friendlier way that pjira

[19:44] Patti Larimore: if they are interested in winter
sports for ex. they go to that gateway

[19:45] Quinn Skyther: Survey’s don’t work
well when users don’t know what they don’t know

[19:45] Erica Linden: a couple of the release
managers and qa have been squishing the feedback into actionable jira
for us

[19:45] Erica Linden:
(actionable and drama-free)

[19:45] Erica Linden: Quinn – SO true
[19:45] Patti Larimore: Excellent
point the gateway will be manned

[19:45] Patti Larimore: volunteers
Patti Larimore:

[19:46] Erica
: imho, the best way to tell how someone works with software
is to observe them using it

[19:46] Erica Linden: and the best way to get folks to cool
content is to provide a bunch of browsable options

[19:47] Patti Larimore: lol
Be Ewing: so net net
bottomline … I am a straight user … giving you most direct feedback
… and you seem to be totally oblivious to the value of this feedback
interactively given

[19:47] Quinn Skyther: I was surprised to see a lack of 3GL-like
look and feel skins

[19:47] Ni Rumble: Touching on Trance’s question concerning
massive inventory accumulation…will SL ever allow the back up of
inventory to hard drive? Or would that just make it too easy for people
to pirate content?

[19:47] Be Ewing: wouldn’t best way to get feedback to have 2nd life
interactive sessions here rather than pjira/jira etc?

Erica Linden: I rather hate those
websites, like my insurance company, that ask you “are you a customer
or an employee” and you don’t know which to pick because you are an
employee SOMEWHERE and your COMPANY is a customer and you don’t want to
miss any good options so you end up picking both. ;)

[19:48] Erica Linden: or university sites tend to
do this

[19:48] Erica Linden:
Students | Faculty | Researchers

[19:48] Erica Linden: people are often all three!
Erica Linden: it’s pretty difficult
to define yourself in that way

[19:49] Erica Linden: Ni – lord i have no idea
Be Ewing: Erica — I will
try one mor time

[19:49] Kerhop
: even “male or female?” is tough for some people ;)

Be Ewing: I am an
individual user of your product

[19:49] Erica Linden: pirating is definitely something we all
want to prevent

[19:49] Be
: I am not affiliated with any organization

[19:50] Jayleden Miles: Be please be patient and
let Erica have a chance at answering everyones questions and concerns.

Vanessa Hamer: ty Professor Miles
Erica Linden: Be – i’m try9ing to
read scrollback – your question is pretty spread out

[19:50] Kellan McKenna nods
Erica Linden: are you asking if i
think there should be One Viewer to Rule them All?

[19:51] Tao Mistwalker: lol
Erica Linden: or are you suggesting
inworld sessions such as this for gathering feedback?

Savannah Blindside: I
think there was also a suggestion about an alternative to jira – more
live help

[19:52] Vanessa Hamer:
Miss Erica, it appears Be has left

[19:52] Erica Linden: ah ok
[19:52] LillieJay Mills thinks Be meant the latter
but doesn’t see her anymore

[19:52] Erica Linden: oh
[19:52] Kerhop Seattle votes for the latter
[19:52] Erica Linden: well i will try to answer

[19:52] Trance
: i think most ppl who use 3rd party viewers would say
there are prob one or 2 features that are the reason they use that
viewer, is good to havethe choice i think

[19:53] Erica Linden: re: jira vs live help – live
help is pretty hard to scale over 10,000 users a day or whatever the
numbers are lately

[19:53] Erica
: it is very costly

[19:53] Erica Linden: and we are a free service for the majority
of residents

[19:53] Marion
: Have you been able to measure the impact of V2 on new user
retention and Premium account conversions?

[19:54] Erica Linden: jira serves a different
purpose – it’s a way to catch the comments and patches from open source
contributors and residents patient and passionate enough to deal with

[19:54] Professor
: you had a lot of volunteer help, the Mentors, and you shut
them down

[19:55] Patti
: Erica..Trance and I …and maybe others in the room..are
members or sl Mentoring programs…part of RHN…..does LL have any
way..or any reason to keep track of how many residents provide
assistance to new residents

[19:55] Trance Mistwallow: the new RHN system sems
to be working better than the old one group system

[19:55] Patti Larimore: LL supports
RHN and many Lindens are members I understand

[19:55] Trance Mistwallow: i have seen
a great surge in enthusiams on the front line at welcome areas since
its introduction

[19:55] Erica
: Professor Viper and Patti – I’m not very up to date on the
Mentor vs RHN issues unfortunately

[19:56] Trance Mistwallow: ][_ (( ))

[19:56] Trance
: … maybe we’re going off topic

[19:56] Kerhop Seattle: hmm, it seems if
mentors/rhn volunteers are hanging out at welcome areas to new
residents of V2 that they should be involved with V2 stuff. given a
heads up, common questions about V2,e tc….

[19:57] Patti Larimore:
Kerhop..true..most are

[19:57] Trance Mistwallow: yes i agree to an extent
Patti Larimore: I use
both viewers….

[19:57] Trance Mistwallow: i am hoping we can repeat this meeting
with the RHN groups at next convenience

[19:57] Erica Linden: Kerhop – that’s why we try so
hard to announce and release beta versions (which often are buggy!)
despite their not-readyness

[19:57] Patti Larimore: But LL has done an excellent
job of providing tutorials in help areas

[19:58] Kerhop Seattle: ’tis true
[19:58] Erica Linden: it’s a way to get feedback,
iterate, and most of all give folks a headsup on what is coming

Trance Mistwallow:
there are too few of these sessions

[19:58] Erica Linden: similarly, the tech blogs
have been really active in posting mockups, proposed features, etc

Vanessa Hamer: Hey guys, one more
question, I don’t want to keep Erica too long.

[19:58] Professor Viper: I would use V2
more often, but every time I switch, eiter way, it resets all of my

[19:59] Patti
: Would be excellent if Lindens could on occasion
with mentor groups ….

[19:59] Patti Larimore: At least heads of groups
meghan Flinders:
Erica..what are the changes we will see with viewer 2.1

Savannah Blindside:
I’ve had that happend and I *hadn’t* switched viewers

[19:59] Kerhop Seattle: I like PViper’s question
Erica Linden: it’s the fist time
i’ve worked like that and I really like it. I was converted. it was
pretty scary at first to post my proposed design document to the blog –
flaming is pretty depressing, but Nyx and I got amazing feedback and I
think we made better decisions because of it

[19:59] Erica Linden: reading up…
meghan Flinders: there
are many mentor groups..possbbly leave meetings open to all

Trance Mistwallow: i
have asked erica in IM if she is willing to repeat this meeting, i have
offered to gather all RHN groups at one venue so all who want can be

[20:00] Patti
: Any connection..information sharing…I agree

Erica Linden: ah – preferences
resetting – yeah. switching back and forth has it’s charms.

Erica Linden: personally, I save a
copy of my settings file and replace it when i upgrade (if i’m not
testing new user experience)

[20:01] Quinn Skyther: Hard to focus features of on a
“generic experience” engine. What is the LL prototypical user
experience reference? Gamer? Shopper? Business Collaborator?

Professor Viper: how do
you do that

[20:02] Professor
: file name?

[20:02] Erica
: it depends partly on whether the version you are going to
has teh same app name – so if you install a new version of SL Beta 2.1
over an old version Zap go your settings

[20:02] Trance Mistwallow: i would
say, chat room user, networking etc

[20:02] Pacoima Core: I have a simple question?
Erica Linden: Viper – in mac they
are in library > aplication settings > sl

[20:02] Vanessa Hamer: That’ll be it after
Pacoima’s, OK?

[20:03] Professor
: how about PC

[20:03] Trance Mistwallow: before you log off erica could
you quickly respond to the IM i sent? and.. thanks so much for your

[20:03] Pacoima Core:
is it worth my $10 /month to use tech support?

[20:03] Erica Linden: Trance – i’d be happy to –
re: viewer 2.1 features – there is going to be a blog post really soon
and i don’t wanna steal their thunder

[20:03] Trance Mistwallow: perhaps
after the blog release?

[20:03] Pacoima
: in lieu of attending clases in worlk?

[20:03] meghan Flinders: where will
that be?

[20:04] Vanessa Hamer:
I think Pacoima’s “Premium Membership” question is a great one to
close on.

[20:04] Erica Linden:
Pacoima – I’m not sure I can answer that – are you asking about the
value propasition?

[20:04] Erica
: ah

[20:04] Erica
: ok

[20:04] Pacoima
: i guess so

[20:05] Erica
: again, that’s a personal decision. our support folks have
gotten great reviews, and Linden homes is pretty cool.

Patti Larimore: Thank
you very Much Erica..for this. Interesting.

[20:05] Erica Linden: Yo I just make software

[20:05] Erica Linden:

[20:05] Erica Linden:
You do what you’ve gotta do.

[20:05] Vanessa Hamer: Erica, thanks SO much!
[20:05] Tao Mistwalker: Yes, thank you
for your time, Erica… :)

[20:05] Frans
: Thank you Erica.

[20:05] Kellan McKenna: Thank you Erica! :)
Erica Linden: Thank you – I’m really
glad to hear your questions.

[20:06] Trance Mistwallow: thankyou so much
Pacoima Core: ♫♪♪♫ APPLAUSE!!!

[20:06] Savannah
Blindside applaudes

[20:06] Q-Translator
v0.21 – English: Too many HTTP requests too fast.

Frans Charming applauds
Erica Linden: Dinner awaits!
Ariell Enoch: thank

[20:06] Erica Linden: :)
[20:06] Jilich Lavendel: great

[20:06] Carl
: Thank you for coming.

[20:06] Vanessa Hamer: Thanks to all who attended
as well

[20:06] Quinn
: Thanks for the information.

[20:06] Pacoima Core: for she’s a jolly good

[20:06] Erica Linden:

[20:06] Erica Linden:

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